Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Recent News Articles and Updates

Recently, the New York Times had an article titled,
For Muslim Students, a Debate on Inclusion.
It's a great article that talks about some of the difficulties facing American Islamic students today.

Also in the New York Times was an article titled Poll Finds a Fluid Religious Life in U.S., with Switches Common. It discusses the results in a recent report, titled "U. S. Religious Landscape Survey," which discusses religious demographics in America. It's interesting to discover that 44% of Americans have changed religious affiliations and that a number of Americans (more men than women) are unaffiliated.

Finally, I'd like to mention an interesting tidbit. You may have heard about the new pet ordinance in Los Angeles that requires pet owners to spay or neuter their pet. Well, that was written by Dov Lesel, a member of our board of directors. Great job, Dov!

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